Use this context to setup TACACS on FlexSwtich.


localhost(config)#tacacs enable


Context Description
enable true/false Enable TACACS Servers default: false
log_acct_deny true/false TACACS local logging for denied commands default: false
log_acct_pass true/false TACACS local logging for passed commands default: false
server_ip Config Tacacs Info. The TACACS server IP Address.
timeout 1-1000 Timeout interval in seconds default: 5



localhost(config)#tacacs <server_ip_address>
Context Description
auth_service login/enable/ppp/arap/pt/rcmd/x25/nasi/fwproxy Service requesting auth to grant user different privileges default: ppp
debug 0/1 Debug level for the cli user default: 0
priv_lvl 1-15 Privilege level for the cli user default: 15
secret TACACS Server Secret
source_intf Interface on which the source IP is configured default: ma1
udp_dst_port TCP port of TACACS+ Server default: 49