Show Commands

This page describes all the contexts associated with the show command. Using show exposes the contents of state objects.

Using the show Command

The show command is available at the enable prompt and the config prompt. The command syntax is shown in the following example.

localhost#show acl
Applying Show:
 AclName    Priority    AclType    Stage    IntfList    HitCount 
sdk:printAclStates() result: SUCCESS



FlexSwitch Console Version


Context Description
accesscontrolentry Config AccessControlEntry Info
accesscontrolfilter Config AccessControlFilter Info
accesscontrollist Config AccessControlList Info
acl Show acls.
aclipv4filter show acl ipv4 filter state.
aclipv6filter show IPv6 filter state.
aclmacfilter show acl MAC filters
addressgroup Config AddressGroup Info
alarm Command to query for all alarms in the system
arp_entry Show Arp Entry By IP
arp_entry_hw Show HW Arp Entry By IP
asicglobalpm Show AsicGlobalPMState Info
bfd BFD Show Commands
clntIntf Command to view state of DWDM module client interface.
configarchiveserver Show ConfigArchiveServerState Info
coppstat Show control plane statistics.
daemon Show DaemonState Info.
daemon_log Show daemonlog Info
dnsglobal Show DNSGlobalState Info
dnsserver Show DNSServerState Info
dwdm Show DWDM.
environment Show platform information
ethernetpm Show EthernetPMState Info.
fan Show All FanState Objects
fault Command to query for all faults in the system
feature Features available to enable
interface Show All interfaces
inventory Show platform information
ip Show IP features
ipv6 Show IPv6 features
lldp Show LLDP Commands
log Show syslog/kern.log Info
mac Mac Address Table Commands
ndp_entry Show IPv6 NDP entries
ndp_entry_hw Show IPv6 Hardware Installed NDP entries
ntpserver Show NtpServerState Info
nwIntf Command to view state of DWDM module network interface
platform Show All PlatformState Objects
port_channel Show Link Aggregation Info
qos Configure interfaces
qsfpchannel Show QsfpChannelState Info
qsfpchannelpmdata Show QsfpChannelPMDataState Info
queue Show All CosQ State Info
route_policy Show PolicyDefinitionState Info
route_policy_condition Show PolicyConditionState Info
route_policy_statement Show PolicyStmtState Info
run Show Running Config
sflow Show SflowIntfState Info
sflowcollector Show SflowCollectorState Info
snmp Show snmp features
span Show SpanState Info
spanning_tree Show Rapid-Spanning Tree Bridge Info
syslogcollector Config SyslogCollector Info
system_core show system core locations.
systemclock Show System Clock
systemmemory Show System Memory
systemparam Show SystemParamState Info
systemprocess Show System Process
systemstatus Show System Status
systemuptime Show System Uptime
tacacs Show All TacacsGlobalState Objects
techsupport collect tech support
thermal Show All ThermalState Objects
timezone Show TimezoneState Info
transceiver show transceiver information
user Show UserState Info
usersession Show UserSessionState Info
version Show System Software Information. Including Git Repo
vlan Show Vlan
vrrp_v4 Show All VrrpV4IntfState Objects
vrrp_v6 Show All VrrpV6IntfState Objects
xponder This object reflects the state of the transponder system as a whole