Use this context to configure the LLDPGlobal object

lldp Object Reference


snap-oob2(config)#lldp <context> <value>


Context Description
SnoopAndDrop True/False Operational mode to determine whether LLDP traffic is bi-directionally forwarded. This configuration is only available on select platforms, default: false
TransmitInterval LLDP Re-Transmit Interval in seconds, default: 30
TxRxMode TxOnly/RxOnly/TxRx Transmit/Receive mode configruration for the LLDP agent, default: TxRx
enable True/False Enable/Disable LLDP Globally, default: false

Available Commands

Command Purpose
lldp SnoopAndDrop <boolean> Specify the operational mode for bi-directional forwarding.
lldp TransmitInterval <integer> Specify the LLDP Re-Transmit Interval in seconds.
lldp enable <boolean> Enable or Disable LLDP Globally.
lldp TxRxMode <string> Specify the transmit/recieve mode.



FlexSwitch(config)#lldp SnoopAndDrop true
FlexSwitch(config)#lldp TransmitInterval 40
FlexSwitch(config)#lldp TxRxMode TxRx 
FlexSwitch(config)#lldp enable true


Applying Config:
id: 11  object: LLDPGlobal   status: APPLIED CONFIG  valid: True delete: False num user cmds: 4
 command                        attr                value      model attr          iskey    required    userprov    time provisioned         
                                lldpglobal          default    Vrf                 True     X           X           Thu Sep  7 14:19:17 2017 
 lldp enable true               true                None                           True                 X           Thu Sep  7 14:19:17 2017 
 lldp TransmitInterval 40       TransmitInterval    40         TransmitInterval    False                X           Thu Sep  7 14:18:52 2017 
 lldp TxRxMode TxRxMode TxRx    TxRxMode            TxRx       TxRxMode            False                X           Thu Sep  7 14:19:08 2017 

sdk:updateLLDPGlobal(default,SnoopAndDrop=False,TransmitInterval=40,Enable=False,TxRxMode=TxRx) result: SUCCESS: http status code: 200