The configarchiveserver context allows you to configure FlexSwtich to use a remote server to archive and restore FlexSwitch configuration information.


localhost(config)#configarchiveserver <server_ip_address>


Context Description
DstFile Base destination filename on server before timestamp is appended default: /opt/flexswitch/startup-config
Interval interval value for config archive in minutes. default: 1440
Nonce Nonce used in the encryption algorithm
OnChange True/False Automatically create an archive when a configuration change is made. default: false
Passphrase Passphrase for encrypting secure configurations
Password password of config archive server user.
RetryCount Number of times to try to archvive the config before giving up default: 3
Timeout Time to wait before giving up on archiving (in seconds) default: 30
Timestamp append/prepend/disabled Option to indicate whether the file needs to be saved with timestamp. default: disabled
Username Username of config archive server

Available Commands

Command Purpose
configarchiveserver <string> Define the IP address of the archive server.
configarchiveserver DstFile <string> Defines the base destination filename on server before timestamp is appended.
configarchiveserver Nonce <string> A string used with the passphrase to encrypt the configuration on the server.
configarchiveserver OnChange <boolean> Automatically create an archive when a configuration change is made.
configarchiveserver Passphrase <string> A string value used for encrypting the configuration.
configarchiveserver Username <string> The username used to log into the server.
configarchiveserver Timestamp <string> Specifies whether to append/prepend a timestamp to the filename or not.
configarchiveserver Interval <integer> The interval, in minutes, between configuration archives.
configarchiveserver Timeout <integer> Time to wait, in seconds, before giving up on archiving.
configarchiveserver RetryCount <integer> The maximum number of attempts to create an archive before giving up.
configarchiveserver Password <string> The server password.



When configuring Nonce, you must also specify a Passphrase.


FlexSwitch(config-configarchiveserver)#DstFile "/opt/flexswitch/archives/startup-config"
FlexSwitch(config-configarchiveserver)#Interval 720
FlexSwitch(config-configarchiveserver)#Nonce snaproute2017
FlexSwitch(config-configarchiveserver)#Passphrase flexswitchrules
FlexSwitch(config-configarchiveserver)#OnChange true
FlexSwitch(config-configarchiveserver)#Username archiebunker
FlexSwitch(config-configarchiveserver)#Password Edith
FlexSwitch(config-configarchiveserver)#Timestamp append
FlexSwitch(config-configarchiveserver)#Timeout 45
FlexSwitch(config-configarchiveserver)#RetryCount 5


Applying Config:
id: 2   object: ConfigArchiveServer   status: APPLIED CONFIG  valid: True delete: False num user cmds: 11
 command                           attr                   value                             model attr    iskey    required    userprov    time provisioned         
 configarchiveserver               configarchiveserver                       IpAddr        True     X           X           Tue Sep  5 16:06:16 2017                                                                                                                                                        
 DstFile                           DstFile                /opt/flexswitch/archives/start    DstFile       False                X           Tue Sep  5 16:06:54 2017 
 /opt/flexswitch/archives/start                           up-config                                                                                                 
 Interval 720                      Interval               720                               Interval      False                X           Tue Sep  5 16:07:08 2017 
 Nonce snaproute2017               Nonce                  snaproute2017                     Nonce         False                X           Tue Sep  5 16:07:27 2017 
 Passphrase flexswitchrules        Passphrase             flexswitchrules                   Passphrase    False                X           Tue Sep  5 16:07:49 2017 
 OnChange true                     OnChange               true                              OnChange      False                X           Tue Sep  5 16:07:57 2017 
 Username archiebunker             Username               archiebunker                      Username      False    X           X           Tue Sep  5 16:08:08 2017 
 Password Edith                    Password               Edith                             Password      False    X           X           Tue Sep  5 16:09:20 2017 
 Timestamp append                  Timestamp              append                            Timestamp     False                X           Tue Sep  5 16:09:40 2017 
 Timeout 45                        Timeout                45                                Timeout       False                X           Tue Sep  5 16:10:00 2017 
 RetryCount 5                      RetryCount             5                                 RetryCount    False                X           Tue Sep  5 16:10:17 2017 

sdk:createConfigArchiveServer(,archiebunker,Edith,DstFile=/opt/flexswitch/archives/startup-config,Nonce=snaproute2017,Passphrase=flexswitchrules,Timestamp=append,Interval=720,Timeout=45,RetryCount=5,OnChange=True) result: SUCCESS: http status code: 201