FlexSwitch CLI Modes

Use these commands to show, create, or edit object configurations.

Control Commands

Context Description
apply Apply the new settings.
clearunapplied Clear the current pending configuration, the no argument clears all, or you can delete by cmd index.
end Return to the enable prompt.
exit Exit the current CLI tree position, if at the base then it exits the CLI.
help Display help for the current command, ? keyboard shortcut can also be used.
no Used to delete an item.
ping Standard ping command.
quit Exit the FlexSwitch CLI. Stops the CLI session.
show Show the running configuration.
showunapplied Display the currently unapplied configuration. An optional full argument can be supplied to show all objects which are pending, not just valid provioning objects.
where Display the current command path.

Config Mode Commands

This list contains the root level configuration commands. Some commands have sub-commands associated with them and links to the sub-commands are provided to descriptions of the sub-commands.


FlexSwitch Console Version

Context Description
accesscontrolentry Config AccessControlEntry Info
accesscontrolfilter Config AccessControlFilter Info
accesscontrollist Config AccessControlList Info
acl Config acls.
aclglobal Congigure AclGlobal
aclipv4filter Configure IPv4 filter for acl
aclipv6filter Configure IPv6 filter for acl
aclmacfilter Configure MAC filter for acl
addressgroup Config AddressGroup Info
arp ARP global commands
bfd BFD commands
clntIntf Command to view state of DWDM module client interface
configarchiveserver Config ConfigArchiveServer Info
copp Control plane policer configuration. For supported protocols please check default Copp config.
dhcp DHCP global commands
dhcp_relay_v4 Config DHCPRelayGlobal Info
dhcpv6relayglobal Config DHCPv6RelayGlobal Info
dwdm Command to configure dwdm module
dnsglobal Config DNSGlobal Info
dnsserver Config DNSServer Info
fan Configure Fan attributes
feature Features available to enable
global_pm Config AsicGlobalPM Info
interface Configure interfaces
ip Configure IP features
ip_table_acl_rule Configuring IpTableAcl attributes
ipv6 Configure IPv6 features
lacp Configure LACP Admin Status
lldp LLDP global commands
logging Configure logging
ntpserver Configure NtpServer Info
nwIntf Commands to configure dwdm module network interface
ospfv2area Configuring Ospfv2Area attributes
ospfv2global Configuring Ospfv2Global attributes
ospfv2intf Configuring Ospfv2Intf attributes
qos Configure interfaces
qsfpchannel Configure
qsfpChannel Info
route_policy Policy definition
route_policy_condition Policy Condition
route_policy_prefix_set Configuring PolicyPrefixSet attributes
route_policy_statement Policy Statement
router Enable a routing process
sflowcollector Configure SflowCollectorState Info
sflowglobal Configure SflowGlobal Info
snmp Configure SNMP features
span Configure Span Info
spanning_tree Configure Spanning Tree Info
syslogcollector Config SyslogCollector Info
systemapi Config SystemAPI Info
systemparam Config SystemParam Info
systemssh Config SystemSsh Info
tacacs Configure Tacacs+ Info
user Configure User Info
vlan 1-4094 802.1Q tag/Vlan ID for vlan being provisioned
vrrp Enabling VRRP Version2 & Version3
xponder Command to configure Xponder system as a whole