Create or modify a IPv4 filter for use in an acl.


localhost(config)#aclipv4filter <filterName>


Name Description
dstIntf Destination Interface (used for mlag).
dstIp Destination IP address.
dstMask Network mark for dest IP.
l4DstPort TCP/UDP destionation port. Default: 0
l4MaxPort Max port when l4 port is specified as range. Default: 0
l4MinPort Min port when l4 port is specified as range. Default: 0
l4PortMatch Match condition can be EQ(equal) , NEQ(not equal), RANGE(port range).
l4SrcPort TCP/UDP source port.
proto Protocol type TCP/UDP/ICMPv4/ICMPv6.
srcIntf Source Intf(used for mlag).
srcIp Source IP address.
srcMask Network mask for source IP.

Available Commands

Command Purpose

| aclipv4filter l4SrcPort <string> | Specify the TCP/UDP source port | | aclipv4filter l4DstPort <integer> | Specify the TCP/UDP destination port | | aclipv4filter l4PortMatch <integer> | Match condition: EQ(equal) , NEQ(not equal), RANGE(port range) | | aclipv4filter l4MinPort <integer> | Specify the min port when l4 port is specified as range. | | aclipv4filter l4MaxPort <integer> | Specify the max port when l4 port is specified as range. | | aclipv4filter proto <string> | Specify the protocol type TCP/UDP/ICMPv4/ICMPv6 | | aclipv4filter dstIp <string> | Specify the destination IP address | | aclipv4filter dstMask <string> | Specify the network mark for dest IP | | aclipv4filter dstIntf <string> | Specify the source Intf(used for mlag) | | aclipv4filter srcIntf <string> | Specify the destination Intf(used for mlag)| | aclipv4filter srcMask <string> | Specify the network mask for source IP| | aclipv4filter srcIp <string> | Specif the source IP address |



localhost(config)#aclipv4filter f1   


Applying Config:
id: 2   object: AclIpv4Filter   status: APPLIED CONFIG  valid: True delete: False num user cmds: 3
 command                  attr             value            model attr    iskey    required    userprov    time provisioned         
 aclipv4filter f1         aclipv4filter    f1               FilterName    True     X           X           Wed Sep  6 11:25:26 2017 
 srcIp       srcIp       SourceIp      False                X           Wed Sep  6 11:25:43 2017 
 srcMask    srcMask    SourceMask    False                X           Wed Sep  6 11:25:50 2017 

sdk:createAclIpv4Filter(f1,L4MinPort=0,L4DstPort=0,Proto=,SourceMask=,DestIp=,L4SrcPort=0,DestMask=,DstIntf=0,SrcIntf=0,L4MaxPort=0,SourceIp=,L4PortMatch=) result: SUCCESS: http status code: 201