Welcome to FlexSwitch from SnapRoute

Founded by engineers who created and reliably operated some of the largest data center networks on the planet by adopting open networking principles, SnapRoute is dedicated to bringing simplicity, reliability, manageability, deep insights and white box economics to data center networks everywhere. Part of SnapRoute’s mission is to provide choice across the network stack. This extends to switch platforms, forwarding ASICs, and underlying Linux kernels.

SnapRoute believes networking is evolving to a world where all interfaces are open and automation has become the primary interface to the network. However it is clear there will be a transition period where traditional user interfaces and management practices must be supported. Thus, SnapRoute also provides a conventional CLI-based user interface in our FlexSwitch network operating system that is consistent with how network engineers provision, operate, and manage traditional networking equipment. Even if working primarily in the classic CLI-based mode, FlexSwitch’s APIs for automation, management, and visibility remain active, providing a path to a more automated future when the network operations team is ready for a more modern way of managing network elements.

The FlexSwitch installation package provides a complete integration of the Linux distribution, FlexSwitch software, and associated device drivers to simplify installation, operations, and maintenance of white box switches. FlexSwitch frees the user from worrying about how different pieces of software (the Linux kernel, device drivers, FlexSwitch itself etc.) interact and provides a fully integrated solution out of the box.

FlexSwitch provides the following benefits to the end user:

  • Fully integrated Network Operating system with a single point of contact for addressing issues and feature requests
  • Provides similar user experience as traditional network switches
    • by taking the customer to a familiar CLI prompt upon login
    • by interacting with AAA system using TACACS+
    • by providing local user authentication in case of AAA server connectivity issues
    • by providing consistent user password management
    • by providing SNMP support for popular MIBs
    • by providing a single-image software upgrade for the switch and maintaining the last two versions of FlexSwitch in persistent storage
    • by maintaining system logs in persistent storage